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The Login page of the Hardest Hit Fund Homeowner Portal is used as a landing page for homeowners intending to apply for the Hardest Hit Fund assistance program. This page is used as a secure sign in to the HHA Homeowner Portal.

Returning homeowners can use their username (email address) and password to securely access their application.

New homeowners can either follow the Create My Profile link to create a new account after entering their email address or can click the Use Authorization Code link to create an account for an application that was submitted by the HHF Agency staff.

If a user has forgotten their password, they can use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to reset the password.


·         Allows new homeowners to create an account

·         Allows returning homeowners to enter and view their account

·         Provides a password reset option for those who forget their password

Using this Screen

The Login page is the first screen you'll see when you reach the ProLink System URL address. You can also return to the Login page from anywhere in the system by clicking Logoff on the top right menu in the application, or by reentering the URL.

Login lets you create an HHF account, enter an existing account, or change an existing password.

To access the Login page from anywhere in the system:

·         Open your Internet browser

·         Enter the following address in the URL:


·         Click Begin Application

The ProLink HHA Login page displays.




After clicking Begin Application, the Login section allows returning users to login to their account.

·         Click Begin Application

·         Enter your Username (e-mail address)

·         Enter your password

·         Click Login

·         The My Profile screen displays

o    Please see the My Profile help text for more information.

New User

After clicking Begin Application, the New User section allows new users to create an account.

·         Enter your e-mail address

·         Click Create Account

·         The My Profile screen displays

o    Please see the My Profile help text for more information.

Forgot Your Password

The “Forgot Your Password?” page displays when the user clicks on the “Forgot Your Password?” link from the Log In page. Using this page the user can regain the correct password or request additional assistance from website support.

·         Enter email address and click Submit

·         The user is then redirected to the Reset Password page

o    If the email is matched to an existing account, an email message with further instructions is sent to the email address specified

o    If the email does not match an existing account, an error message displays

o    The user can click the Contact Us link to get in touch with website support for additional assistance

Reset Password

The user is redirected to the Reset Password page by clicking the Submit button on the Forgot Password page. In addition, the user can follow the URL included in the Homeowner Portal Password Assistance email sent to the user’s email address. Using the Reset Password page the user can create a new password for that account.

·         Enter email address, authorization code, new password and password confirmation

·         Click Submit

·         The user will then be redirected to the Log In page to login using the new password

o    The Authorization Code is either the code that was emailed to the user per their request to change the password or it can also be generated by the HHF Agency Portal staff and read over the phone to a homeowner who wants to gain access to their application.